Our Fees

All our fees are based on the hourly charge-out rates of the fee earning staff appointed to your case and the amount of time they spend working on your case.

All of our fee earners - Solicitors, Trainees and Paralegals have standard hourly charge-out rates which are reviewed each year. The more senior and/or experienced the individual, the higher the hourly rate. The more junior and/or inexperienced the individual, the lower the hourly rate.

In some circumstances, we may be able to work for you for a fixed fee.  A fixed fee is our best estimate of how much it will cost to conduct a case or a particular part of it based upon the hourly rate of the fee earner conducting the case and the amount of time we think it will take to conclude. By fixing the fee, we are in most cases letting you know exactly how much your case will cost right at the outset. Fixed fees can be attractive to those who are anxious to know precisely how much a case will cost. They tend to lend themselves to more straightforward cases that have a more predictable beginning and end.

Hourly Rate Plan

Start from

£120.00 /Per Hour

  • £250 per hour for a solicitor of more than 8 years qualification

  • £220 per hour for a solicitor of more than 4 years qualification

  • £150 per hour for a solicitor of less than 4 years qualification

  • £120 per hour for paralegals and trainee solicitors.


The prices are excluded VAT, where applicable.


* These are approximated guide fixed fees only and may vary significantly depending on the complexities of your case, unforeseen or exceptional circumstances which may arise in your matter or any other factors which may require us to do additional work. At all times we will keep you updated and inform you in advance of any changes to your fixed fee price. The prices exclude VAT (where applicable). Clients should be aware that these prices do not include any fees due to the Home Office, British Embassy, interpreting and/or translation of documents, costs for psychiatrists, doctors or other professional reports that may be needed as evidence.

We will normally require payment on the account upon instruction where we are able to offer a fixed fee. We charge on an hourly basis for an Initial Consultation, where we will assess your case and provide you with legal advice. This hourly rate is calculated on the basis of Guidance on Solicitors Hourly rate issued by The Supreme Court Costs Office (SCCO). We are committed to offering our clients services based on their specific and special circumstances. For special cases, it is our policy to offer discounted rates on our Fixed Fee Price List or work on a Pro Bono basis.

Fixed Fee Plan

Start from

£350.00 /Per Case

  • Business Immigration £2000- £8000

  • Tier 1 – Points Based System – Post Study, General, Entrepreneur and Investor £1200- £2500

  • Tier 2 – Sponsorship of a Non-EU Migrant Worker (General & ICT) £1200-£3000

  • Tier 4 – Adult and Child Student Applications £500-£800

  • Tier 5 – Youth Mobility and Temporary Workers £800-£1200

  • Points Based System (PBS) Appeals £8000-£1500

  • Sponsorship License Applications on behalf of Employers. £2000-£4000

  • Personal Immigration Matters – this includes marriage applications, civil partnership applications, unmarried and same sex partner applications, applications for family members and dependents and visitor applications £1200-£1800

  • Extension of Leave£800 -£1800

  • Indefinite Leave to Remain. £1200-£1800

  • All types of Entry Clearance Applications including Sole Representatives and Domestic Workers. £800 -£1800

  • Applications under European Union Legislation £500- £1500

  • Applications for British Citizenship £350-£850

  • Discretionary applications made outside the Immigration Rules £800-£1600

  • Domestic Violence £600-£1000

  • EEA Association Agreement Applications and appeals. £1200-£2200

  • Entry Clearance applications, administrative review applications and appeals £1000-£4000

  • EU Residence Applications and appeals Family Reunion applications and appeals Judicial Review Application £300-£4000

  • Married & Unmarried Partner Concession Application & Appeals £1200-£2200

  • Naturalization i.e. UK Nationality and British Passport applications. Port Emergencies £1000-£1500

  • Sponsorship Spouses & Partners £1500 – £2000